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Make sure you are always front and center with our industry-leading Amazon advertising software. Our experts will optimize your bids, search terms and budget so that it's easy for potential customers to find what they need.

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our 2020 advertising results

New Customers
New Revenues
Average ACoS in 2022
Average YoY Growth

Work with an Industry Leader

With our proven track record of growing sales and reducing costs, we can maximize your investment by delivering a high return on Amazon advertising.

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how it works


After aligning on your goals, we’ll integrate your Amazon account into our campaign management software, backfill historical data, and optimize your campaign architecture, enabling better analytics to guide future optimizations

Goal Alignment

Campaign Setup


We’ll support your goals through end-to-end management for Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display ads. We’ll regularly review and refine optimizations, providing periodic reports and strategic planning.

Campaign Analysis

Bid Optimization

Budget Optimization

Search Term Optimization

Guided by a human touch

We are the best at what we do because of our experience, expertise and knowledge. We have been using Amazon advertising since its inception which gives us a unique edge in this industry to help you and your brand succeed.

grocery store shelves

We've created over 1,000,000 in new orders for our clients View Our Work

campaign management for every ad type

Sponsored product ads

Leverage the highest converting ad type to maximize visibility, capture attention and win new customers.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Deploy customizable Display and Video ads to foster brand loyalty with repeat buyers and promote multiple product lines.

Sponsored Display ads

Reach highly relevant shoppers on and off Amazon with these targeted ads, growing awareness and capturing market share.

Success Story


Since its establishment in 1860, Zalatimo Sweets Company has been seeking to provide great-tasting products and high-quality services locally and globally and to innovate in modern food industry technologies to achieve leadership in this field through our highly qualified and experienced team.

Increased customer reach
Increased product impressions

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