Meet Prism®
Our A.I. Powered Ad + insights Platform

We built Prism® to help brands and manufacturers find their online mainstream consumer base - and then learn from them.
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A Force Multiplier

Prism® is Our Superpower

We use Prism® to collect market data and learn in real time, allowing continuous change to your ad strategy for your brand. That allows Lumen Brands to make precise predictions backed by Ai learning models and big data.

Stable Revenue

We commit to purchasing the new products that we suggest for development, guaranteeing you revenue for newly updated and developed products.

Accelerated Learning

Utilizing Prism®, we have collected plenty of consumer behavioral data from the +1M orders we have shipped.
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Cutting-Edge Analytics and Insights Exclusive to Clients of Lumen Brands

We provide ongoing data-driven new product ideas - and then we commit to purchasing them. Our combination of real data and algorithms are unique to Lumen Brands.

Unlock Revenue Potential

More insight broadens your reach, and grows revenue while building brand loyalty.

Find New Products

Prism® helps us continually discover new, high-converting keywords and suggest your next product.

Beat Your Competition

We run competitor-focused campaigns and reporting to ensure you’re always outperforming your category.

Optimize Product Pages

Prism® provides data on consumer responses to fonts, color schemes, A/B image testing - sometimes revenue growth is as simple as publishing new product images or emphasizing different product features.

Spy on the competition

Prism® helps us track your competitors, key terms, and changes in market direction - we find high-demand flavors and entirely new product lines.

Build on your Success

Prism® helps identify growth within your existing product line with new bundles, product sizes and formats.
grow your revenue

we unlock revenue with new products

Our insight into consumer demand allows us to recommend new products, and product bundles that will convert new customers.
Prism® provides back valuable insights into consumer behavior. When online shoppers choose differently over a brand, Prism® helps us determine the root cause. 
We apply this data to evolve images and messaging to meet consumer expectations - improving sales.
Prism® also helps inform us to new opportunities for a brand: flavors, packaging, bundles, rebranding, new product lines.

Everything you need, in one place

Lumen Brands is a company dedicated to helping you grow your brand. We are the ideal partner for food and nutrition brands.

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