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We leverage e-commerce, AI, and our own distribution partnerships to help food and wellness brands break into mainstream U.S. retail.

Amazon Recommended Partner for Grocery & Nutrition

US Food & Drug Administration Approved Facility

Where We Distribute & Retail Your Products

How you can work with Lumen Brands

Whether you're an established brand looking to expand into the U.S., or a smaller company looking to emerge into the U.S. mainstream, let us put the Power of Prism® to work for you.

We specialize in leveraging online growth to create in-store retail success.

Full Partnership

We utilize a one-time fee to cover launch expenses and match your investment to provide your brand with the necessary capital to make an immediate impact in your industry. Additionally, we purchase your inventory and assist with mainstream compliance to further support your brand's growth.

Managed E-Commerce

We take care of everything e-commerce, including utilizing our Prism® platform to find your customers online make data-driven insights.

Joint Venture

Lumen offers a variety of investment and service opportunities to help you get to your brand to market - and to grow you once you're there.

What People Are Saying

Lumen helps build brands from the ground up with our experience and expertise. We take pride in being able to generate success stories for our clients.

“Lumen really took the time to learn our business and our brand promise. Their knowledge of the Ecommerce space and the communication has been exceptional. I would 100% recommend them to any size business looking for an Ecommerce solution that is both seamless and trustworthy.
CEO of Ziyad Brothers Importing
“We have seen our e-commerce business flourish with Lumen Brands. The team at Lumen has been on top of all details to ensure that our products are arriving to our customers in the best state possible and spare no effort to ensure that our customers are satisfied. For Zalatimo Sweets, our partnership with Lumen has been rewarding and we will look forward to expanding our cooperation into other markets and other products”
Abdallah Zalatimo
Zalatimo Sweets
"It's always a pleasure working with Lumen. They have strong, data-backed insights that offer a fresh perspective to brand owners. Not only are they operationally excellent, but they also go beyond their agreed upon responsibilities, making suggestions on branding, packaging, and the like. These characteristics, combined with a strong focus displayed towards the brands they work with, make Lumen a great company to work with."

Work With Lumen

Lumen leverages E-Commerce and AI to help brands succeed in the mainstream grocery market no matter how you choose to work with us.

Starting at
One-time co-investment
We match your investment so you can start strong.
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Managed E-Commerce
Starting at
Per month
We take care of everything e-commerce.
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Joint Venture
100% of our revenue is from selling your products. Both parties share costs and ownership.
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Included Services
Prism AI Platform For Advertising, Insights
Amazon,, Google Shopping
Importation, Mainstream Compliance, FSVP
Master Distributor to Sub-Distributors,  Retail
Pays For Inventory, Profits From Sales
Supplies Inventory, Profits From Sales
U.S. Tradeshow Support
Social Media Advertising, Influencers, & Videos

We Want To Be Your Trusted Partner Providing Comprehensive Sales Solutions

We promise to work with you to help your brand break into the challenging U.S. Mainstream market.


We utilize Prismto create your digital ad campaign strategy - and we pay for the advertising.

A true partner

We match your investment dollar-for-dollar. We only profit when you profit and only from selling products.

Wholesale Buyer

We buy your product at your wholesale pricing. No contingency, no complications. It’s that simple.

Compliance partner

From nutrition labels to allergens, record keeping, FDA recall plans of action, contaminant plans, document submission.

FSVP Importer

We can become your I.O.R, customs broker, clearing house, insurer, and FDA Responsible Party.

Master Distributor

We can meet mainstream compliance requirements as your master distributor and service all of your 3PL needs from our Chicago warehouse.

Product Analyst

Consumer behavioral data from Prism helps us identify new opportunities for your brand that already show customer demand.


We immediately get your products to market via e-commerce and then take our success to open doors into mainstream retail.

Mainstream Success Stories

Lumen has attracted more than 2,000,000 new and unique customers for our global brand partners in the mainstream grocery category.
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Meet Your New Super Power: Prism®

Our AI Powered Ad + Insights Platform

Lumen helps build brands for the ground up. Put our experience and expertise to work for you. We take pride in your success.

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