Nothing compares to the refreshing taste of Vimto! Vimto is more than a world-famous sparkling fruit drink flavored with the delicious flavors of grapes, raspberries, black currants, herbs and spices. It's been a way of life for over 100 years. Vimto has been around for your birthdays, your graduation, at your wedding, and every special moment. It's no wonder the sweet and delicious drink is a staple for Ramadan throughout the world.

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We achieve our objectives through the combination of:


Managing custom product descriptions


Writing descriptive and contextual key features


Effective product advertising campaigns


Marketing campaigns targeting competitors brands

The numbers don't lie!

Lumen grew the online profile of this brand year over year.


Increased customer reach

2021 - 5,804 clicks

2020 - 3,066 clicks


Increased product impressions

2021 - 1,885,106

2020 - 448,590


Future Goals

Lumen crafts and executes long term plans to gain positioning and maintain a high standard for our brands. We operate with clearly defined objectives tailored to each brands products, niche and market conditions. Goals for this brand include, and are not limited to:

Vimto drink in a glass

Brand Gallery

Lumen creates a holistic online presence. From photography and graphic design to online store creation, we craft an end-to-end look for your brand that promotes your brand values.

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