Fulfill with Amazon

We’ll ensure your inventory is prepped in compliance with Amazon’s fulfillment standards. As those standards change, we adapt to maintain high standards.

Our National Network Reduces Your Costs

We have FBA processing facilities in 6 states ready to receive, prep, and ship your products to Amazon warehouses. Having locations around the country means that there’s always a location near to you, reducing your lead times and shipping expenses.


Shipping made easy

Once you ship your products to us, we take care of the rest. Lumen Brands takes care of all your shipping needs such as:


This service involves the physical reception of your products at an Amazon fulfillment center. Amazon's team inspects the shipments for any apparent damage, discrepancies in quantity, or other issues to ensure the products meet their guidelines and quality standards.


Sellers must affix unique FNSKU labels to each unit or product bundle before sending them to Amazon's warehouse. These labels help ensure accurate inventory management and prevent mix-ups with other sellers' products.


Polybagging refers to packaging your products within clear plastic bags (polybags) to protect them from dirt, moisture, and other contaminants during storage and shipping. Amazon has specific guidelines for polybagging, which sellers must follow to maintain product integrity and safety.

Warning Label:

If your product requires any safety warnings, usage instructions, or age restrictions, Amazon may require you to include warning labels on the packaging. This is essential to communicate important information to customers and ensure compliance with regulations.

Label removal:

In some cases, it's necessary to remove existing stickers, labels, or price tags from products before sending them to Amazon. This is to prevent confusion, ensure consistency, and maintain a professional appearance for your products.


Dunnage refers to cushioning materials like bubble wrap, foam, or other protective materials used to prevent your products from shifting, colliding, or getting damaged during transportation and handling. Proper dunnage helps maintain product quality and minimizes the risk of damage.


Shipping preparation involves preparing your products for safe transportation and storage in Amazon's fulfillment centers. This can include activities such as organizing, bundling, labeling, and packing products according to Amazon's packaging requirements to ensure efficient processing.

Amazon Pickup:

This service enables sellers to have their products picked up and transported directly to an Amazon fulfillment center. This can save time and effort compared to self-shipping. Amazon has partnerships with various carriers and freight forwarders to facilitate this process.

We do more than FBA

We provide product preparation for a variety of emerging marketplaces, including Walmart, Google Shopping, eBay, and more, as Amazon isn't the only significant participant in online shopping. Send your products to our processing center, and we'll take care of the rest.

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