Walmart Advertising

Increase visibility and drive conversions with Walmart advertising through Sponsored Products. These pay-per-click (PPC) ad types are key to capturing market share on the rapidly growing platform.

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The Key to Walmart Advertising Success

Walmart Sponsored Products place your product in front of shoppers while they are in market and ready to purchase. Walmart Sponsored Products appear in three places on Walmart.


Search in-Grid

Walmart ads can appear on the search results page in four positions. The ads appear just as an organic placement would, but they feature a ‘Sponsored Product’ label denoting they are ads. This placement improves product visibility and captures more traffic, driving sales.


These rotating ad groups appear below the search results pages as well as on category and product pages, helping capture shoppers’ attention when browsing relevant products.

Buy Box

Walmart ads can also populate below the Buy Box on a product detail page, displaying complementary and related products to the product being viewed. This placement helps upsell shoppers, compete with competitors, and improves brand name recognition.

Walmart vs. Amazon

Other companies who might have periods where their profits drop suddenly due to changes within an industry (examples include Facebook 2012-2016 & Amazon 2007–2019), meanwhile, Walmart’s rise can largely be attributed not only do having ample financial resources but also good strategy deployed wisely. With the introduction of Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) and Walmart Plus in 2020, more shoppers will flock to the platform-so brands must consider their standing on Amazon and Walmart.

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We'll grow your Walmart Sales

Running ads on e-commerce marketplaces is not always as straight forward as it seems. Properly setting up, optimizing, and scaling Walmart Sponsored Product advertising can yield dramatic sales results, but it requires analytics, time, and expert strategy. Our marketing experts make all the difference, drawing on over 12 years of e-commerce advertising to fuel your Walmart success.

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