Track your performance with better data

We'll provide comprehensive and easy-to understand reports for marketing, sales inventory, and overall competitiveness.

Translate Data into Insights

Amazon and other marketplaces provide a wealth of data, but it’s raw and scattered across multiple sources, making it challenging to analyze. For that data to be meaningful, it needs to be transformed into actionable insights. We can create custom reports for your brand, compiling data from all sources to generate clear, concise, and above all, actionable reports.

sales Performance

Our innovative sales data analytics empower your business with the most comprehensive, detailed reporting on its performance. We'll monitor trends and compare them against historic records to determine what's working for you now so that we can tailor future strategies accordingly.

Channel Performance

Always know where you stand versus the competition. We will analyze the top competitors in your category, their prices, ranks, market saturation, selling history, features and reviews so when it comes time act on data-driven insights we can make an informed decision.

Marketing performance

Receive an in-depth report on all of your marketing services, including Amazon advertising and optimization listings for social media platforms. You'll also receive detailed performance metrics that are written by a manager with recommendations about how to maintain or improve performance.

inventory health

We take inventory seriously. From regular reports detailing how much is on hand, reserved and incoming to our forecasting system that can provide up 12 months worth of demand planning; we're always watching for ways the business may be impacted by changes in product mix or market condition before it impacts you.

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